“I love beer and building things.
Usually at the same time.”

Cam Hartley

Principal (Owner)

Cam Hartley is a jack of all trades — he’s a carpenter turned paramedic turned high school teacher turned Principal of Schoolhouse Brewery. He started brewing beer in the basement of his homestead at the refurbished Falmouth School #9. It quickly became a hobby gone out of control, so he registered the name “Schoolhouse Brewery” in 2008. After developing several innovative systems to brew better beer, Cam took Schoolhouse Brewery to a commercial market in 2014. In 2017, he moved the business to his new taproom and brewery at 40 Water Street, Windsor, where people from across Canada can now enjoy delicious Schoolhouse beer.

“Get 'er done.”

Leigh Davison

Bus Driver (Head Brewer)

A brewer at heart, working as a full-time Systems Administrator in the city wasn’t hands-on enough for Leigh. After cultivating his home brewing and wine making skills (and winning two Bronze medals from the Nova Scotia Amature Wine Association), he started volunteering at Schoolhouse Brewery. From keg washing to growler filling, Leigh worked his way to the top and is now the Head Brewer. His personal beer recipes include the Staffroom Stout, Scratch Plaskett (collaboration with Good Robot), Vice Principal Pale Ale, and Summer Break Witbier, and Recess Pilsner.

“Why did the surfer not save the drowning man? Cause he was too far out duuude.”

Alexa Purdy

When she isn’t handing in reports at the last minute, Alexa can be found working in the taproom at Schoolhouse Brewery.
Despite having a conversation with her mother long ago (when she was totally of drinking age… of course) about how she will never be a beer drinker, a waterfront brewery in her home town was built and thus began her journey. (Ps. she now enjoys a good IPA)

“Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!”

Luke Hobson

Taproom Manager

Luke Australian native, landed in Nova Scotia in late 2019 to put down roots with his wife Rachel. He has a decade of experience in the craft industry and quickly graduated to taproom manager after being hired at Schoolhouse. Luke loves hiking, cycling, camping and generally being outdoors. The best beer for Luke is the one just after dusk on a clear, balmy summer evening.

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse”

Noah Bedard

Kitchen Manager

Noah (@noahbakesbread) is the good taste rocking our kitchen. He’s busting out those delicious options that are worth getting a detention over.
Named by the Ontario Hospitality Institute in its list of 30 under 30 Chefs to watch, you know this guy has chops. and pulled pork. and fish. There’s very little that Noah can’t make delicious.


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