“I love beer and building things.
Usually at the same time.”

Cam Hartley

Principal (Owner)

Cam Hartley is a jack of all trades — he’s a carpenter turned paramedic turned high school teacher turned Principal of Schoolhouse Brewery. He started brewing beer in the basement of his homestead at the refurbished Falmouth School #9. It quickly became a hobby gone out of control, so he registered the name “Schoolhouse Brewery” in 2008. After developing several innovative systems to brew better beer, Cam took Schoolhouse Brewery to a commercial market in 2014. In 2017, he moved the business to his new taproom and brewery at 40 Water Street, Windsor, where people from across Canada can now enjoy delicious Schoolhouse beer.

“Get 'er done.”

Leigh Davison

Bus Driver (Head Brewer)

A brewer at heart, working as a full-time Systems Administrator in the city wasn’t hands-on enough for Leigh. After cultivating his home brewing and wine making skills (and winning two Bronze medals from the Nova Scotia Amature Wine Association), he started volunteering at Schoolhouse Brewery. From keg washing to growler filling, Leigh worked his way to the top and is now the Head Brewer. His personal beer recipes include the Staffroom Stout, Scratch Plaskett (collaboration with Good Robot), Vice Principal Pale Ale, and Summer Break Witbier, and Recess Pilsner.

“I swear if I hear one more Eagles song...”

Reed Power-Grimm

Educational Assistant (Brewing Assistant)

Reed got to know Schoolhouse beer after buying a ton of it at the Wolfville Farmer’s Market. After talking Cam’s ear off about fermentation methods and yeast, he had no choice but to hire Reed as a Brewing Assistant. Shortly after, Reed went on exchange to Canmore, Alberta, working as a “Glue-Master” (boxing and bottling) at the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. There, he became an unofficial brewery tour guide, a talent he happily continues at Schoolhouse Brewery. He is the co-creator of the Summer Break Witbier.

“We're going whole hog!”

Heidi Haines

Guidance Counselor (Taproom Manager)

A ten year veteran of the beer and restaurant industry, Heidi knew she would be the Taproom Manager at Schoolhouse Brewery before Cam did — it came to her in a beer-fuelled premonition. Heidi is equal parts tough and sassy — she keeps the boys in line and drinks her stout from a stemmed glass.

“I'm not drunk. You're just blurry.”

Malory Beazley

A/V Club President (Content Creator)

Before slinging pints at Schoolhouse, Malory was making films and writing fiction across the pond in bonny Scotland. Malory is no stranger to being part of a faculty — she’s part-time Women’s Studies instructor at Acadia University. If she sticks a camera in your face, just smile and say ‘cheers.’ (Or tell her to piss off.)

“I'm just here for the beer.”

Jess Weir

(Retail Ninja)

An expert in the local coffee scene, Jess kept tabs on the Schoolhouse Taproom construction from around the corner at T.A.N. Coffee. She’s worked high-end restaurants, bistros, and cafes, but she couldn’t stay away from the craft brew scene. This Beer-ista slings lattes by day and pints by night.

“o, an Irishman walks into a brewery...”

David Foley

Exchange Student (Retail Ninja)

David grew up in an Irish coastal town and started his first pub gig at the ripe age of thirteen. His beer knowledge comes from his extensive travels (“beercations”) around the world. He’s hopped across the pond to coach high school rugby and enjoy as much Scotian Export as he can.

“Oh, wow, this beer is actually not that bad!”

Jenna Hunter

Summer Student (Content Creator)

Jenna is our summer student and poster-maker from Dalhousie’s Urban Planning program. She is famous at Schoolhouse for not being a big fan of beer, but we’re all working to change that. (We caught her drinking a cranberry wheat sour mash the other day.)

“Seriously. Potatoes.”

Telesa Thompson

Kitchen Manager (Lunch Lady)

Telesa didn’t let growing up beside a potato field in PEI turn her off from root vegetables. Yes, her favourite food is potatoes, which is totally not a stereotype so don’t worry about it. A former photographer, she has been working as a cook and baker for the past five years. You’ll find her in the Schoolhouse Kitchen whipping up some beer-infused recipes.